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In a associated with rom-coms, fairy tales, and social media hashtags like #relationshipgoals, it can be easy to idealize romances. But even though every partnership is unique, there are a few common features which will help you notify whether the relationship can be healthy. We all spoke with two therapists—registered psychotherapist Natacha Fight it out, MA, RP and Liza Eshilian-Oates, LMSW, founder of Mind Body system and Soul by DiLeonardo Wellness—to find out what they believe are some indications that you’re within a healthy relationship.

A healthy romantic relationship is based on common respect. Meaning that you and your partner respect every single other’s individual pursuits, needs, and boundaries. It also means that you don’t hold the other person to a normal that is impossible to meet—if, for example , you’re not a fan of a particular music genre, which is fine, however your significant other should not try to change your tastes to fit theirs.

Your partner likewise shows interest in your life outside the relationship and doesn’t assume that your well-being is dependent entirely on them. They’re curious about aims and dreams, and they really want to see you advance to the best variety of your self — not just whatever you think they want to see.

Finally, healthy lovers know how to speak about difficult topics and are generally able to sort out clash without blaming or shaming each other. Including things like cash, fidelity, child-rearing styles, and more.