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Picture: sportsswipe/Instagram

What are the results whenever you put

globally’s fittest individuals

, all with loads of pent-up athletic electricity to burn, collectively in close quarters for several months? They are doing gender! Duh! (therefore the reason the Olympic Committee distributed

accurate documentation 450,000 condoms

to players before the Games.) And also Olympic sports athletes discover associates exactly the same way you do: one swipe at any given time.

Swimmer Ryan Lochte’s already

unveiled he’s on Tinder

, however, courtesy an Instagram account, you can see exactly what his page purportedly looks like. (definitely Ryan Lochte loves to laugh.)

The anonymous individual behind the profile
, which monitors professional athletes’ alleged Tinder users, created another page especially for the summertime Games labeled as
— and it is truly that which we’d call … active.

Enjoy it today, before all these men and women know about



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